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About TnC

Looking for an engaging Minecraft server with mixed game modes, a strong community, responsive staff, and server-wide events? TNC has got you covered! TNC is primarily a team-based vanilla survival server with frequent casual/competitive events. Tough it out with your teammates in Survival by building and expanding on your team’s protected capital land in a limited Overworld, or enter the separate Creative

world and make mighty constructions to show off your skills. Go head-to-head against other teams in weekly Trial Events to compete for land claims and other prizes, or test your mettle in Challenge Events! Trials n Chill also has mini-games like Spleef, PvP League, and King of the Hill. Get started by joining the Discord and getting whitelisted. Welcome you to the server!


Amethyst 31 Points
Citrine 33 Points
Peridot 17 Points
Sapphire 23 Points


1. What edition and version of Minecraft is the server running?

We play Java Edition on version 1.14.4

2. Is the server vanilla?

Yes, but not quite. We use Spigot and a few plugins to help with some quality of life issues. Otherwise, gameplay is vanilla.

3. What commands can players use?

We do not have extra commands for players, such as /sethome and /spawn. We may add these in the future.

4. How do I start playing?

We have a whitelist! Ask to be whitelisted in #new-player-chat on our discord. When you join the server, read the team books that you receive, choose a team by stepping on the join team pad inside the spawn building, take the warp pad down to ground-level from spawn island, and trek out to your team’s capital (team capital coordinates are whispered to you as soon as you join the team). Ask around if you can't find the join-team pad. Defer to your team leader(s).