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Rules TL/DR

  • No spam or harassment
  • No hacked clients
  • Do not grief/loot/raid protected areas, including public community builds, team capitals, and team claimed plots. All these areas alert you to when you have entered them. Unprotected area (Wilderness) is free-game.
  • Do not kill Pacifist players unless both of you have agreed to PvP. You will know a Pacifist by whether their PvP is toggled off.
  • Do not kill players inside their own team’s capital/claimed plots. Killing players is off-limits in public community builds as well.
  • Team shops at spawn are not for free unless specified. If you steal from them, you’ll get banned and the items will be returned to the shop owner.
  • Using alt accounts will get the alt accounts and your main account banned.
  • Full detailed rules in Section 3

The Server Concept

  • Trials&Chill is a team-based, hard mode, mostly vanilla Survival server that tries to find a balance between team cooperation and healthy competition. While competition is great, we do not accommodate targeted harassment, poor sportsmanship, or a toxic community. We want everyone to have fun!
  • 4 teams compete for wealth and glory in Trial and Challenge Events. Compete, win, and conquer.
  • Each team has a capital that serves as their main community base. Trusted veteran players serve as team leaders.
  • You can win capital expansions or team land plots by winning Trials and beating Challenge Events. Rare and legendary items can also be won from Trials.
  • Trials are competitive events that focus on several game elements, such as PvP, creative building, objectives, etc.
  • The overworld has a world border in order to limit resources and keep teams relatively close to one another for interactions and collaborations.
  • The wilderness is unprotected and will not be rolled back if griefed. Be mindful of where you build.
  • Chill Events are community building events where we try to get together and just have fun outside of Minecraft. We like to play Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox Games, and other party games.
  • We highly encourage teams to maintain an open-market at spawn to sell their wares/services. Market transactions are trust- based. Advertise your wares and services in #teams-marketplace !

Staff Code of Conduct

  • We moderate and host events using Creative and Spectator modes.
  • We use Survival mode for when playing the game normally.
  • Members of staff are trusted veteran players who have been deemed honest and trustworthy.
  • As such, staff will do their best to provide evidence before banning or kicking players.
  • If evidence is not available (rare cases), the staff member’s word is considered gospel.
  • Rules may be modified to cover some loopholes or gaps.
  • Staff members have the health of the server at the forefront of how they moderate, and are allowed to make judgments regardless of the established rules if the judgement is for the greater good of the server.
  • Players who disagree with staff judgements or rulings can appeal the decision in #staff-support.

Full Server Rules

Spam and harassment: Spamming in-game or in the Discord will result in an immediate warning, followed by punishment if not stopped. Harassing other players will result in an immediate warning, followed by punishment if not stopped. We all know what spam and harassment is, rule-bending this won’t be tolerated. Slandering others will result in your slander being deleted and you possibly being Discord Muted on the server.

Hacked clients: Evidence showing the use of a hacked client will result in immediate punishment.

Alt accounts: Use of alt accounts will result in the swift ban of the alt account and main account associated with it.

Griefing: Griefing, looting, and raiding protected areas not belonging to your team will result in immediate punishment. This does not mean you cannot work together with other teams and help them build in their protected areas or use their materials when collaborating, just make sure to get permission and have evidence of that permission. Basically, if you don’t have permission from a team, don’t do it. You are allowed to grief outside of protected areas (this is called the Wilderness). All protected areas have enter/leave messages. We understand what team-grief is, and if your team presses for punishment against you, Admins will investigate and take appropriate action.

Public community builds: Some players want to make things for the benefit of every player on the server. Ask the Admins for protection on your build, and we’ll assess whether it qualifies for protection. Generally speaking, the build must provide some tangible utility to the server, cannot be modified (except for necessary maintenance), and is accessible to all players. Admins reserve the right to deny protection for a certain public build. If your build is granted protection, you lose ownership of the build, since it is now community property.

PvP: You are not allowed to kill players when they are in a public community build or within a protected plot owned by their own team. If you are caught tampering with AFK players who are in safe zones, such as pushing AFK players out of their capital/a public community build, you will be punished. Certain players are Pacifists, and they may have a Pacifist label under their name or have PvP toggled off. Unless both of you have agreed to PvP, you are not permitted to kill Pacifists or try to workaround their toggled PvP.

Pacifism: Becoming a Pacifist allows you to toggle your PvP, but you are bound to a Pacifist Code. As a Pacifist, you are not allowed to attack and kill innocent players. You are only allowed to kill players who are griefing/looting your team’s protected lands or unprotected wilderness builds. You are not allowed to grief any player’s wilderness builds. If you break either of these rules, you will be temp banned and stripped of your Pacifist privileges. Pacifists can also ask to have their Pacifism removed, and won’t be able to receive Pacifist privileges for a month. You can apply for Pacifism in #staff-support, but the Admins reserve the right to deny Pacifism to certain players, especially those who are known griefers or are toxic individuals.

Game Rules FAQ

I was just killed in another team’s capital. Isn’t that against the rules?

You are not guaranteed safety inside the capitals of other teams. Pacifists of that team cannot attack you if you are not griefing/looting, but not all players are Pacifists.

A Pacifist just killed me, and I couldn’t attack them back. What gives?

Pacifists can toggle their PvP because they have pledged to be non-griefers and to not attack innocent players unprovoked. If you were griefing or looting their team’s claimed land or a wilderness build, they are allowed to kill you. If they killed you seemingly randomly or in violation of the Pacifist Code, file a claim in #reports and Admins will investigate the issue.

Are pranks in capitals considered griefing?

It really depends, and pranks will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We want the community to be fun and we understand that pranks help make the server fun. Make sure your prank is funny and endearing, and not inconveniencing others. Pettiness or spite will earn you some punishment.

Can I build outside of my team's capital?

Yes! But do remember that building outside of your capital or team-owned plots means that your build is not protected and will not be rolled back if it is griefed or looted.

Am I allowed to dupe?

We only allow carpet, rail, and TNT duping by means of redstone machinery. Duping of any other items by other special means will be considered a banworthy offense.

I think someone griefed my team's capital or plot. What should I do?

Let staff know in the #reports channel, and give them enough information to investigate further. If it is confirmed that the team capital or plot was griefed, then the offender will be punished.

I'm having trouble with my teammates. What can I do?

Appeal to your team leader for help with the issue(s) you're facing. Your team leader will be the one to appeal to staff about the issues and get enforcement straightened out. You also have the option of switching teams with Admin supervision.

Trial Prizes

Land ExpansionsCommon ItemsLegendary ItemsRare ItemsExcluded Items

Choose one of the following:

  1. A 25-block expansion of your capital in 2 directions.
  2. A 2500-block proxy plot away from your capital.
    • You can subdivide this award into no more than 5 plots. Each plot cannot have less than 500 blocks.
    • A plot can be of any rectangular shape, and a side length cannot be smaller than 15 blocks.
    • A plot cannot be placed within 200 blocks of another team’s capital, or within 50 blocks of public community builds or another team’s plot. Measurements are made edge-to-edge.
    • You can sell your plot to other teams! (Admin arranged)

Common Items include all obtainable items/blocks and foodstuffs (given the available biomes on the map), and excludes items listed in Legendary/Rare/Excluded Items. Your chest of common items can be mixed however you see fit.

  • Elytra (2)
  • Sponge (5 pieces)
  • Shulker Shell (10 pieces)

  • Coral Blocks (64 pieces, mix of any colors)
  • Nautilus Shell (8 pieces)
  • Heart of the Sea (1 piece)
  • Ghast Tear (16 pieces)
  • Gunpowder (1 stack)
  • Slime (1 stack of slime blocks)
  • Turtle Egg (16 pieces)
  • Wither Skeleton Heads (6 pieces)
  • Mob Heads (1 stack)
  • Cobwebs (1 chest)
  • Iron (24 blocks)
  • Gold (16 blocks)
  • Redstone (56 blocks)
  • Lapis (24 blocks)
  • Diamonds (32 pieces)
  • Emeralds (24 pieces)
  • Quartz (16 stacks of nether quartz)

  • All other unobtainable items and blocks
  • All recipe items and blocks
  • Scutes
  • Golden Foods
  • Enchanted Books
  • Name tags
  • Ore blocks
  • Mycelium
  • Podzol
  • Obsidian

Diamond Sword

First Place

Land expansion
4 double chests of common items
2 Rare Items
1 Legendary Item

Gold Sword

Second Place

2 double chests of common items
1 Rare Item

Third Place

1 double chest of common items